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International Cartoon Exhibition- Boyabat- Sinop/ Türkiye 2024

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 until June 18, 2024

It’s Gaza..!

It’s Gaza two scenes, pages, and pictures

A great people picture in his struggle and steadfastness, beside other pictures of savagery and abjectness occupation ranging all history in registering his savage destruction, and massacres towards fresh kids, women, and young men.

Yes, it’s Gaza by two scenes

A scene of people’s screaming versus a greedy silence scene.

Gaza… a generation letter carrying freedom minaret in all its carryings and a letter of full destruction and damage.

Gaza the two pages…

A page is written in the child’s blood and the mother’s tears.

Here in the second face, a black page hits silent, cowardly, scared people’s faces.

In order not to be as silent as many and our scream not to waste in space we know the cartoons speak a universal language without borders. Sometimes the text needs to be translated, but that is unnecessary for most cartoons. You can cry, laugh, or get excited about them at first glance, and sometimes readers may have to think a little. We want you to laugh, cry, or get mad about the sad, crazy, and cruel things in our world these days we live, to raise awareness about what is happening. For that, our purpose in this exhibition is We Must Scream: “STOP WAR IN GAZA!”.

Exhibition organizers:
-Fadi Abou Hassan- Palestine/Norway
-Aşkın Ayrancıoğlu- Türkiye
-Boyabat Municipality/The Republic of Türkiye

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