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Mary Zins 1964 -2019


Mary Zins was a freelance illustrator and cartoonist based in the US. She studied illustration, design, and fine art at Cleveland State University. She has worked as a graphic artist for the Cleveland Zoo and Cleveland Museum of Natural History and has been a freelance illustrator for over 12 years.

She has been drawing since childhood. Her father was a commercial artist and cartoonist, so she was exposed at an early age. She then studied illustration in college and worked as a graphic artist for about 5 years.

She started cartooning 9 years ago when she began to receive these spontaneous images in her mind’s eye.

She was a member of Cartoon Home Network International, Cartoon Movement, United Sketches, and Le Crayon.

Her work has been exhibited in many international exhibitions and has received several international awards. Her work has also been highlighted in Cartoon Home Network International, Cairocature…etc.

She made powerful and beautiful images that found an international audience.

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