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“Silence no more about Israel war crimes”

Palestinian Cartoonists Association

Under the sponsorship of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate and the Palestinian Cartoonists Association

As part of our responsibility and media message to the world’s nations to expose the atrocities committed by the apartheid state of Israel in cooperation with the former colonial powers, and the so-called free world media who maintained an ear-splitting silence on the suffering of our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

As a result, the Palestinian Cartoonists Association invites all cartoonists and independent artists worldwide to contribute their works to the campaign.

“Silence no more about Israel war crimes”

to dispel the injustice and blind bias of the mainstream media machine and its fabrication of lies, demonization of Palestinians, and criminalization of all those who oppose the crimes of the occupation

Fellow artists, due to the apathy of the international community and the support of the former colonial powers, Israel, who bombed the Baptist Hospital in Gaza and committed genocide, won’t think twice about causing another “Nakba” on our people.

Let’s reject injustice and the suppression of the truth. Let’s support Gaza.

To reach the world, we kindly request that all artistic organizations and fellow cartoonists email their works for consideration of republishing.

To upload your cartoon art, press the following link:

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